Writing Travails

I haven’t written for a while, which got me thinking; why is writing so difficult?  But is it? First and foremost, in order to be a good writer, you must practice at it.  Like any other activity in this world, you must practice in order to become better, even if you have natural talent. The … Continue reading

Experience Vs. Intelligence

The whole quandary of experience versus intelligence has been on my mind ever since coming back to school.  I have read that one’s intelligence is fixed.  You can learn new things, remember more etc, but that your intelligence never changes. Conceivably, you could be tested when you were ten years old and tested again when … Continue reading

Oh Sweet Bard, Speak to me again…

It has been over a year since I finished reading all of Shakespeare’s plays.  When I tell people (in conversation.  I don’t volunteer the information), they are shocked and impressed at such a “feat”.  Were it me a few years ago before setting to read every Shakespeare play, I would have felt the same.  However, … Continue reading

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